SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
About 80% of internet users use search engines to search for desired information

SEO is a reading methodology that takes the first 3 letters of Search Engine Optimization and refers to search engine optimization. It is also called search engine countermeasure, search engine countermeasure, search engine positioning, search engine positioning, web positioning, web positioning, etc.

Optimizing the homepage for the search engine by tuning the HTML so that the homepage can be easily searched by the search engine is called SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Purpose of SEO

The purpose of SEO is “to bring users to the homepage”. We believe that it is important to create the contents of the homepage and provide useful information to users.

In order to enhance the contents of the homepage, create a homepage that is easy for users to understand, and display the search results of the search engine at the top, use a website design that emphasizes the searchability of the search engine (search algorithm). As a result, it is possible to display the home page at the top.

Search engine optimization SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has been popular in the United States (USA) as an effective marketing tool since earlier than Japan. By displaying the target homepage on the search engine site with the related keyword at the top, it is possible to increase the chances that the search engine user will be guided to the website. It can be considered as one of the marketing methods that effectively utilize the search engine.

However, it is not the only purpose of SEO to be ranked high on search engines. The true purpose of SEO is to bring users to your home page. And it is important to get useful information from the site after visiting, and in the case of a commercial site, it is important to connect to the business.

Search engine marketing (Search Engine Marketing) is a method for enabling users to be guided from the robot type search engine sites that are frequently used by Internet users to the target website among search engines. I will say.

Internet users searching for information using a search engine should have some purpose, interest, interest, or need for the information they are searching for. If you think so, from the perspective of the website operator, it is possible that the search engine users will already be potential customers and meaningful traffic when they visit your website. Isn’t it okay? It is very important to display the search engine display results in a higher rank by optimizing the search engine as one of the ways to get a lot of attention.

However, think about the behavior of users who actually search using search engine sites. Or, imagine that you are actually using a search engine site to search.

Do you always see only the first, second and third ranked websites on the search results page displayed by the search engine and visit only that website?

If you have a clear sense of purpose to buy something, will you select and purchase the product only from the websites that are ranked high as a result of searching with a search engine?

You should also be searching for other websites where you can buy the product you are looking for.

Because you consider various items such as products, services, budget, price, quality, correspondence of websites visited, period and time from ordering to delivery, and other reasons, and then weigh them. Because I want to purchase after doing.

Internet users who are accustomed to collecting information will carefully compare and compare multiple websites.

Do not select only one website from the websites displayed in the search results of the search engine, be sure to browse several other websites, compare them, and purchase products. I wonder if you will.

Assuming these consumer behaviors, the search engine site user first finds the websites that have the necessary information among the websites displayed from the first page to the second page of the search results. You can guess the case where you might visit from the inside.

If you look at the flow up to this point, even if the search engine upper display ranking is displayed in the first place or the second place or lower, the search results are displayed from the first page to the second page. As long as it is displayed, it is an assumption, but in terms of the opportunity to be viewed, it can be said that they are in the same position. As a result of the search, if it is the search engine top display result displayed on the first page to the second page, the ranking displayed is not considered to be a problem. (Guess)

From the perspective of search engine marketing, when you think of how the title part of the website displayed on the search result page, the description text of the website, and the introduction text are displayed, from the viewpoint of search engine marketing, Isn’t it more important? Or it is no exaggeration to say that the products and services that are actually handled on the website are more important. I think it is important to have both high-level display and attractive content.

If you are creating a website with a structure that is difficult for a search engine to recognize in the web production stage, it is difficult to optimize the homepage for the search engine by only partially changing the website structure, and SEO measures should be taken. Even if you do, the website structure will not show the effect of SEO measures.

Surface SEO measures alone do not reach websites that have been properly SEO-measured during the Web production stage and website renewal production.

We have a structure that makes it easy for search engines (crawlers/spiders) to recognize from the Web production stage (from the beginning) when creating a new homepage or creating a completely renewed homepage including SEO (search engine optimization) measures.

Proceed in parallel with website design production and search engine optimization measures are very important.

In parallel with new website production, planning, and HP renewal production, It will perform highly effective search engine optimization.

While watching this fluctuation regularly,
It is necessary to perform maintenance so that it is displayed in a higher position as much as possible.