Organized Online Community

Hobby: Organizer of Online Community Website (SNS)

30’S BAR

  • Duration: August 1997 – December 2005
  • Description: An online community limited to individuals in their 30s.


  • Inspiration: Started 30’S BAR as a motivation to work in the internet industry.
  • Skills Learned: HTML, web design, Perl script, JavaScript, and web server management, all self-taught.


  • Components: The website included chat rooms, email friend systems, and Bulletin Board Systems (BBS).
  • Offline Meetings: Organized offline meetings every two months in various regions of Japan. Participants included both residents of Japan and those living abroad.


  • Popularity: The site had over 1 million accesses by 2005.
  • Recognition: Registered for free in the Yahoo Japan directory.
  • Membership: Over 10,000 registered members.
  • Current Status: The website is no longer active.