On the issue of sales of E-commerce website.

On the issue of sales of EC website.?(As an Example) In case of EC website of apparel. I think it is important to reduce the following issues. To some extent, there are also some things that we can respond with current artificial intelligence etc. Actually, there is existing like such kind of EC website. That is compatible with the system. However, I think it is important to implement business that considers the balance between merit and disadvantage of real store and EC site.


*Issues of Apparel EC website?? Size?? Recommend?? Coordination with other clothes?Can not confirm the actual feel and texture. In advance, think including the physical condition at that time and environment of trying to selecting on the EC website condition. In smartphones, PC, the environment watching the website is also important. To some extent, using the system, about size and materials, Also, comments of other purchasers such as comfort and comfort can be read.


I believe it will be possible for Artificial Intelligence etc. to be able to respond to actual wearing comfort on the majority of e-commerce sites so that they can simulate experiences via the Internet. However, in the limited budget, to implement, as of 2018, it is hard to say that it is a perfect environment.


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